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Identification and characterization of Nip, necrosis-inducing virulence protein of Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora.
Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora is a gram-negative bacterium that causes soft rot disease of many cultivated crops. When a collection of E. carotovora subsp. carotovora isolates was analyzed onExpand
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Epigenetic silencing of the interferon regulatory factor ICSBP/IRF8 in human multiple myeloma.
OBJECTIVE Multiple myeloma (MM) is presently an incurable malignant plasma cell tumor. The objective of this study was to investigate expression of the interferon regulatory factor family (IRF1-9)Expand
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Regulation of the expression of prtW::gusA fusions in Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora.
Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora, a Gram-negative phytopathogenic bacterium, secretes an extracellular metalloprotease, PrtW. Previous results demonstrated that protease activity is necessary forExpand
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Positive histone marks are associated with active transcription from a methylated ICSBP/IRF8 gene.
Epigenetic modifications are critical for regulating many different aspects of normal cell biology and tumourigenesis. Gene expression may be epigenetically silenced by DNA-methylation and histoneExpand
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Activation of NFκB in all-trans retinoic acid induced differentiation, cell cycle arrest and p21 (CDKN1A/Waf1) expression in U-937
All aspects of cell life are regulated by signal transduction mechanisms. This thesis describes the regulatory roles of a few key signal transduction molecules involved in three major biologicalExpand