Marina Stoll

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Isoflavones occurring in soybean seed have been thought to have a positive effect on the health of humans, especially in cancer prevention. This positive impact may be a result of their antioxidant properties, estrogenic activity, or a combination of mechanisms. The purpose of this study was to quantify and compare different levels of isoflavones in various(More)
The number of new flavonoid C-glycosides re­ ported from plant sources has increased rapidly in the past 10 years [1, 2]. Recently, a wide variety of unusual and often unique flavone C-glycosides has been isolated from liverworts [3] and their structures have generally been well supported with spectro­ scopic evidence. However, preliminary data only has so(More)
When using catalytic flue gas cleaning, several flue gas compounds may influence oxidation reactions of hazardous volatile organic compounds, possibly leading to lower reaction rates and, thus, to an incomplete destruction. Experimental investigations were performed with regard to the influence of selected flue gas compounds, like hydrogen chloride, sulfur(More)
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