Marina Stadler

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The present study shows that gamma-band (40 Hz) activities exist in a number of brain structures of different species, with seemingly different functional/behavioral correlates. This rhythm has also different dynamics in various structures and under different experimental conditions: it exists spontaneously and/or can be evoked, induced or emitted with(More)
In 3 experiments, the implicit memory tests of word fragment and word stem completion showed comparable effects over several variables: Study of words produced more priming than did study of pictures, no levels-of-processing effect occurred for words, more priming was obtained from pictures when Ss imaged the pictures' names than when they rated them for(More)
The aim of our study was to find out whether an increase in the gamma band may be related to the reversal phase during viewing of an ambiguous pattern. The present study describes the significant gamma band (30-50 Hz) activity increase in EEG during states of perceptual switching (reversal state). In our experiments the multistability was induced with an(More)
Seven subjects observed a multistable pattern (stroboscopic alternative motion: SAM), and were instructed to press the button immediately after perceptual switching with the aim of detecting some neurophysiological parameters of EEG activity. Our results indicate that the EEG changes observed during multistable perception are similar to the family of event(More)
Understanding the mechanisms underlying the multistability of reversible figures may provide valuable insights into the normal functioning of our visual system. The proposed factors that control the perceptual alternations of reversible figures can be classified into bottom-up and top-down processes. In the present study, we report differences in top-down(More)
The presentation of repetitive apparent movement (AM) produces the illusion of smooth sinusoidal movement. During prolonged observation this impression vanishes periodically. On the basis of these observations, it was postulated that such long-range AM are processed via direction and frequency specific subsystems. This hypothesis was examined by means of(More)
OBJECTIVE Visual evoked potentials (VEP) have been used to estimate interhemispheric transfer time (IHTT). However, the complex wave of VEP is most probably formed by different generators of neural populations that act through different frequency channels. If the main peaks of VEP are established by different types of generators, which can also be connected(More)
The phenomenon of the wandering point on a blank sheet of paper in serial reproductions is the starting point of an investigation of the perceptual field structure of homogeneous stimulus areas; 609 stimulus points distributed regularly in 21 rows and 29 columns on a DIN A4 sheet were presented successively to 10 subjects and had to be reproduced(More)
There is a great interest in ecology in understanding the role of soil microbial diversity for plant productivity and coexistence. Recent research has shown increases in species richness of mutualistic soil fungi, the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), to be related to increases in aboveground productivity of plant communities. However, the impact of AMF(More)