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UNLABELLED The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome is a chronic disease characterized by episodes upper airway collapse, and has been associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity. AIM To correlate the neck, abdominal and pelvic circumference with the AHI and oxyhemoglobin saturation in OSA patients, and to correlate these values with disease severity.(More)
INTRODUCTION  The extramedullary plasmocytoma is one of the localized forms of malignancy of the plasma cells, which has multiple myeloma main diagnosis. Its main site to the head and neck, but with a rare presentation in the larynx. OBJECTIVE  To describe a case of extramedullary plasmocytoma of the larynx, with literature review. CASE REPORT  Patient(More)
INTRODUCTION  Severe Epistaxis is common in patients with head trauma, especially when associated with multiple fractures of the face and skull base. Several methods of controlling bleeding that can be imposed. The anterior nasal tapenade associated with posterior Foley catheter is one of the most widespread, and the universal availability of necessary(More)
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