Marina Soazo

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The current study was performed to assess the vanadium(V)-induced developmental toxicity in sucklings of Wistar rats. Dams of treated litters were intraperitoneally injected with 3 mg NaVO(3)/kg body weight/day during 12 days starting on postnatal day (PND) 10. Surface righting reflex, negative geotaxy and hindlimb support tests were performed on pups every(More)
The objective of the present paper was the development and the full characterization of antifungal films. Econazole nitrate (ECN) was loaded in a polymeric matrix formed by chitosan (CH) and carbopol 971NF (CB). Polyethylene glycol 400 and sorbitol were used as plasticizing agents. The mechanical properties of films were poorer when the drug was loaded,(More)
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