Marina Sidorová

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Tandem repeats belong to a class of genomic repetitive elements that form arrays of head-to-tail monomers. Due to technical difficulties in sequencing and assembly of large tandem repeat arrays, it remains largely unknown by which mechanisms tandem-repeat-containing regions aid in maintenance of ordered radial genome organization during interphase. Here we(More)
BACKGROUND microRNAs have recently been identified as powerful biomarkers of human disease. Reliable polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based quantification of nucleic acids in clinical samples contaminated with polymerase inhibitor heparin requires deheparinization. However, the effects of deheparinization procedure on quantification of nucleic acids remain(More)
The therapeutic dynamics of neuropsychological and neurophysiological markers of impairments to cognitive functions were studied in groups of patients with first episodes of juvenile endogenous psychosis (90 patients). At the initial stage of remission, subjects were found to show improvements in processes associated with voluntary regulation of cognitive(More)
The dynamics of neuropsychological and neurophysiological markers of cognitive functions was analyzed in the groups of the first-episode young male patients. Totally 90 patients have been studied. At the early stage of remission, the improvement of the processes associated with voluntary regulation of cognition caused by the activity of the wide circuit of(More)
Low-potencial Earth thermalEnergy Utilization in Heat Pump Systems The underground in the first approx. 100 m is well suited for supply and storage of thermal energy. The climatic temperature change over the seasons is reduced to a steady temperature at 10-20 m. With further depth, the temperatures increase according to the geothermal gradient (average 3 °C(More)
The " stability " of the system of the eart thermal energy utilization In relation to the geothermal resources and, especially, to the geothermal energy utilization, stability means the ability of an applied production system to sustain the production level over long times. Often, the resources are taken into production, mainly to meet economic goals like a(More)
Clean Coal and Gasification Technology: How it Works? Gasification of coal is the oldest method for the production of hydrogen. Coal gasification is a process that converts coal from a solid to a gaseous state. The gas that is created is very similar to natural gas and can be used to produce chemicals, fertilizers, and/or the electric power [1]. Cleanest of(More)
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