Marina Sidorová

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Tandem repeats belong to a class of genomic repetitive elements that form arrays of head-to-tail monomers. Due to technical difficulties in sequencing and assembly of large tandem repeat arrays, it remains largely unknown by which mechanisms tandem-repeat-containing regions aid in maintenance of ordered radial genome organization during interphase. Here we(More)
The interaction of 11 overlapping synthetic peptides corresponding to N-terminal segment of HIV transmembrane glycoprotein gp41 (fusion domain) with artificial lipid membranes has been studied. For this purpose the increase of a bilayer lipid membrane (BLM) conductivity and the changes in ESR spectra of spin-labelled liposomes were registrated. Peptide(More)
The mechanism of antiviral activity of the CD4-derived peptide 75-99 was compared with that of sulfated polysaccharides. A set of peptides representing all the high positive charge density regions of gp120 and gp41 was used to determine whether electrostatic interactions occur between these negatively charged agents and positively charged HIV envelope(More)
A pedagogical experiment was used to study the effectiveness of a system of program-purpose teaching in postgraduate training of radiologists differing from the classic methods aimed at end goals. A total of 150 pedagogical tests on 240 students using parallel and cross methods were performed. The use of the system of program-purpose teaching intensifies(More)
BACKGROUND microRNAs have recently been identified as powerful biomarkers of human disease. Reliable polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based quantification of nucleic acids in clinical samples contaminated with polymerase inhibitor heparin requires deheparinization. However, the effects of deheparinization procedure on quantification of nucleic acids remain(More)
Geological situation on the Kremnica-Šturec deposit are currently well examined. Prognostic mineral resources calculated by the Snowden Mining Industry Consultants, in compliance with the requirements of the JORC Code are as follows: 15.4 Mt of ore with the average metal content of 1.75 gt of gold and 14.9 gt of silver in the categories of measured and(More)
The paper is devoted to the development of a system of program-oriented postgraduate education of radiologists based methodologically on acquiring professional knowledge and skills. Educational goals were adapted for each subject area. Matrix analysis and plotting of a logical structure graph were used for a choice of the final goals of education. The(More)
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