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The sensitive and autonomic innervation of foot pads in the ostrich was studied employing an usual histological technique as hematoxylin-eosin or different gold chloride impregnations. The autonomic innervation is represented by isolated or grouped ganglion cells located along the course of nerve bundles. The sensitive somatic innervation is composed by(More)
The AA. studied the autonomic and sensitive somatic innervation of some female bird's proctodeum, through the properly modified Ruffini's gold chloride method. The vegetative component was constituted by ganglion cells of different size, isolated or grouped to form ganglia, found along the course of nerve trunks or in the concurrent point of different nerve(More)
Circulating anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicle count (AFC) are addressed as suitable markers of oocyte quantity and quality during adulthood. To investigate whether AFC and circulating AMH could predict follicle development and oocyte quality during the prepubertal period we used 40-day-old ewe lambs with high, intermediate and low AFC (≥30,(More)
The oculomotor nerves (3rd, 4th and 6th) of some species of fish and mammals have been studied to establish the presence, number, true topography and probable functional role of the ganglion cells located along the trunk. The finding of typical pseudo-unipolar ganglion cells is always unpredictable and extremely variable, from an inter- and intra-specific(More)
The structure and composition of starch play an important role as co-factors affecting raw starch digestibility: such features were investigated in raw acorn starch from the most diffused oak trees in the Mediterranean basin. A total of 620 whole ripe acorns from Holm (Quercus ilex L., n = 198), Downy (Quercus pubescens Willd., n = 207) and Cork (Quercus(More)
The sensitive and autonomic innervation of the prostate was studied in some mammals (rat, rabbit, horse, donkey and bull) using gold chloride impregnation. In all the species considered the gland was supplied with conspicuous innervation located in the thickness of the capsule and in trabeculae. The autonomic innervation was constituted by ganglion cells of(More)
It has been studied the vascular territory of the base of the brain and it has been pointed out the presence of characteristical structural arrangements of the vasal wall and artero-venous anastomoses. The just mentioned characteristical structures are placed in points where a vessel divides itself or creates a collateral branch and their functional(More)
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