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Several non-hypercalcemic analogs of 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25(OH)(2)D(3)) show antitumor activity in a subset of cancer patients. High vitamin D receptor (VDR) expression, which is associated with good prognosis but is lost during tumor progression. We show that the SNAIL transcription factor represses VDR gene expression in human colon cancer(More)
PURPOSE The DNA repair enzyme O(6)-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) inhibits the killing of tumor cells by alkylating agents, and its loss in cancer cells is associated with hypermethylation of the MGMT CpG island. Thus, methylation of MGMT has been correlated with the clinical response to 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (BCNU) in primary(More)
BACKGROUND Although breastfeeding is the ideal way of nurturing infants, it can be a source of exposure to toxicants. This study reports the concentration of Hg, Pb and Cd in breast milk from a sample of women drawn from the general population of the Madrid Region, and explores the association between metal levels and socio-demographic factors, lifestyle(More)
Cutaneous malignant melanoma remains the leading cause of skin cancer death in industrialized countries. Clinical and histological variables that predict survival, such as Breslow's index, tumor size, ulceration, or vascular invasion have been identified in malignant melanoma. Nevertheless, the potential relevance of biological variables still awaits an(More)
PURPOSE ras oncogenic activation has long been demonstrated in thyroid carcinomas of follicular cell derivation, but no consistent relationship has been shown between mutations and clinicopathologic features. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed H-, K-, and N-ras mutations by polymerase chain reaction-single-strand conformational polymorphism followed by DNA(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to estimate, for the period 1971 through 1989, occupation-specific risks of breast cancer among Swedish women employed in 1970. METHODS Age-period standardized incidence ratios were computed. Log-linear Poisson models were fitted, with geographical area and town size taken into account. Risks were further adjusted(More)
Mammaglobin (h-MAM) is expressed mainly by breast epithelial cells, and this feature has been used to detect circulating breast cancer cells and occult metastases in sentinel axillary lymph nodes of breast cancer patients. However, the biological role of mammaglobin is completely unknown. We studied 128 fresh-frozen breast cancer specimens by means of(More)
Six SNPs have been detected in the DNA repair genes RAD51C and RAD51D, not previously characterized. The novel variant E233G in RAD51D is more highly represented in high-risk, site-specific, familial breast cancer cases that are not associated with the BRCA1/2 genes, with a frequency of 5.74% (n = 174) compared to a control population (n = 567) and another(More)
BACKGROUND This study sought to ascertain whether there might be excess lung cancer mortality among the population residing in the vicinity of Spanish paper and board industries which report their emissions to the European Pollutant Emission Register (EPER). METHODS This was an ecological study that modelled the Standardised Mortality Ratio (SMR) for lung(More)
Human cancer cell lines are commonly used in basic cancer research to understand the behavior of primary tumors. Aberrations in the DNA methylation patterns are nowadays recognized as a hallmark of the cancer cell. However, no comprehensive study defines the DNA methylation environment present in the established cancer cell lines used in everyday(More)