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Modulating Composition and Metabolic Activity of the Gut Microbiota in IBD Patients
The healthy intestine represents a remarkable interface where sterile host tissues come in contact with gut microbiota, in a balanced state of homeostasis. The imbalance of gut homeostasis isExpand
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Methodology challenges in studying human gut microbiota – effects of collection, storage, DNA extraction and next generation sequencing technologies
The information on microbiota composition in the human gastrointestinal tract predominantly originates from the analyses of human faeces by application of next generation sequencing (NGS). However,Expand
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Bioreactor-Based Bone Tissue Engineering
The aim of this chapter is to describe the main issues of bone tissue engineering. Bone transplants are widely used in orthopedic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Current technologies likeExpand
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The Role of Vitamin D in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Assessing Therapeutic and Preventive Potential of Supplementation and Food Fortification
SUMMARY Inflammatory bowel diseases are a group of chronic inflammatory conditions that affect gastrointestinal tract due to inapt and continuous immune activation in response to a myriad ofExpand
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Bone Tissue Engineering in a Perfusion Bioreactor Using Dexamethasone-Loaded Peptide Hydrogel
The main goal of this study was the formation of bone tissue using dexamethasone (DEX)-loaded [COCH3]-RADARADARADARADA-[CONH2] (RADA 16-I) scaffold that has the ability to release optimal DEXExpand
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Articular cartilage is a tissue that shows no capacity for effective spontaneous regeneration. Tissue engineering, as a new important field of regenerative medicine, emerges as potential effectiveExpand
Methodology challenges in studying human gut microbiota – comparison of illumina and Ion Torrent NGS platforms
OBJECTIVES Microbial communities of human gut have deep impact on health. To understand microbiota complexity, representative models of bacterial community structure after DNA sequencing are needed.Expand
Toksični sojevi E.coli - trovanje zaraženom hranom
Pojam 'trovanje hranom' obuhvaca sva oboljenja koja nastaju uzimanjem nezdrave, pokvarene ili otrovne hrane. U vecini slucajeva nastaje uslijed zag
Promjene mikrobiote u postmenopauzi