Marina Moscarini

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We propose a method to protect sensitive information in a two-dimensional statistical table based on the suppression of certain marginal cells. A sensitive cell set is considered unprotected if its exact value can be computed from the values of nonsensitive cells and unsuppressed marginal cells. We provide efficient algorithms to solve the following(More)
Existing statistical database systems are only able to answer queries on single tables and this may prove to be unsatisfactory in all the cases in which a statistical database contains similar tables, that is, tables containing summary information regarding the same phenomenon, which is analyzed from different viewpoints; in fact, if the database system is(More)
In response to queries asked to a statistical database, the query system should avoid releasing summary statistics that could lead to the disclosure of confidential individual data. Attacks to the security of a statistical database may be direct or indirect and, in order to repel them, the query system should audit queries by controlling the amount of(More)