Marina Moraiti

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In this work, we present a comprehensive study of several partitioned methods for the coupling of flow and mechanics. We derive energy estimates for each method for the fully discrete problem. We write the obtained stability conditions in terms of a key control parameter defined as a ratio of the coupling strength and the speed of propagation. Depending on(More)
There has been a surge of work on models for coupling surface-water with groundwater flows which is at its core the Stokes-Darcy problem. The resulting (Stokes-Darcy) fluid velocity is important because the flow transports contaminants. The analysis of models including the transport of contaminants has, however, focused on a quasi-static Stokes-Darcy model.(More)
We propose and analyze a linear stabilization of the Crank-Nicolson Leap-Frog (CNLF) method that removes all timestep / CFL conditions for stability and controls the unstable mode. It also increases the SPD part of the linear system to be solved at each time step. We give a proof of unconditional stability of the method as well as a proof of unconditional,(More)
We study the validity of the quasistatic approximation in the fully evolutionary Stokes-Darcy problem for the coupling of groundwater and surface water flows, as well as the dependence of the problem on the specific storage parameter. In the coupled equations that describe the groundwater and surface water flows for an incompressible fluid, the specific(More)
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