Marina Monti

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The applicability of the delayed fluorescence (DF) for the purpose of distinguishing the cells growing in different nutrient conditions was researched on the marine unicellular algae Dunaliella tertiolecta Butcher (Chlorophyta). The DF intensity (DFI), as a measure of living algal biomass, was compared with other biomass measures--the cell concentration,(More)
Ostreopsis ovata is an epiphytic potentially toxic dinoflagellate. It has a world-wide distribution, normally associated with other epiphytic or benthic dinoflagellates. In tropical seas O. ovata is often associated with the genera Gambierdiscus, Coolia and Prorocentrum, causing cinguatera fish poisoning. Recently, Ostreopsis spp. blooms in the Tyrrhenian(More)
In this paper we describe a framework for the application of semantic granularities to the Semantic Web. Given a data source and an ontology formalizing qualities which describe the source, we define a dynamic granularity system for the navigation of the repository according to different levels of detail, i.e., granularities. Semantic granularities(More)
Publication information Lovrek, I., Howlett, R. J., Jain, L. C. (eds.) Knowledge-based intelligent information and engineering systems : 12th International Conference, KES 2008, agreb, Croatia, 3-5 September 2008 : Proceedings, part II Conference details Presented at the 12th International Conference on KnowledgeBased Intelligent Information and Engineering(More)
Prorocentrum minimum is a potentially harmful and widely distributed marine dinoflagellate. Several P. minimum strains have already been studied, showing phylogenetical relations of strains isolated from the same geographical regions. Similarity among the strains was further examined on the basis of their physiology. Pigment composition and concentration,(More)
Process plants design, construction, and operation of major equipments are ruled by standards and engineering codes, which are intended to assure reliability and safety. In the case of pressure vessels these rules are aimed at guaranteeing the stability under required pressure and temperature conditions. In this paper we exploit the most advanced(More)