Marina Monti

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In this paper we describe a framework for the application of semantic granularities to the Semantic Web. Given a data source and an ontology formalizing qualities which describe the source, we define a dynamic granularity system for the navigation of the repository according to different levels of detail, i.e., granularities. Semantic granularities(More)
In this paper we propose a powerful ontology driven method that eases the browsing of any repository of information resources described by an ontol-ogy: we provide a flexible semantic granularity method for the navigation of a repository according to different levels of abstraction, i.e. granularities. The gran-ularity is explicitly parameterised according(More)
Prorocentrum minimum is a potentially harmful and widely distributed marine dinoflagellate. Several P. minimum strains have already been studied, showing phylogenetical relations of strains isolated from the same geographical regions. Similarity among the strains was further examined on the basis of their physiology. Pigment composition and concentration,(More)
The present essay analyzes an eighteenth-century phase of the querelle des monstres and highlights two main points. 1) As the cases of Lemery and Winslow demonstrate, in the period when preformation was the dominant view, the dispute over the origin of monsters carried into the very field of preformation the contrast which had originally opposed it to the(More)
Process plants design, construction, and operation of major equipments are ruled by standards and engineering codes, which are intended to assure reliability and safety. In the case of pressure vessels these rules are aimed at guaranteeing the stability under required pressure and temperature conditions. In this paper we exploit the most advanced(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the microzooplankton composition under the sea ice in the Ross Sea (Antarctica) and its possible role as seed for the open-water community. We compared the under-sea-ice data to the communities present in the ice-free waters and at the retreating ice edge in order to test the hypothesis that the microzooplankton(More)