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The efficacy of nebulized glycopyrrolate compared with metaproterenol was evaluated in 46 patients with acute asthma. In a double-blinded, randomized fashion, patients received, as sole therapy, either 2 mg of glycopyrrolate or 15 mg of metaproterenol every 2 h over a 6-h study period. Of the 35 patients completing the study, analysis of variance(More)
It is a growing belief that cellular phone use may be hazardous to the voice. This study aims to assess voice production in different conversational scenarios to identify any changes in vocal production that may be specific to cellular phone use. Twenty healthy participants were randomized to seven conversational scenarios: quiet conditions face to face;(More)
BACKGROUND Vocal fatigue is a common but poorly defined complaint of patients presenting with voice disorders. Definitions of vocal fatigue generally include increased self-perceived phonatory effort resulting from references to vocal loading or prolonged voice use resulting in deterioration of function. The present study looks at the role of posture,(More)
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