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A photolabile ligand for light-activated release of caged copper.
The strategy of caging copper is promising for applications where light could be used to trigger release of copper as a pro-oxidant to increase oxidative stress or as a tool to release copper intracellularly to study mechanisms of copper trafficking.
Syntheses, X-ray crystal structures, and solution behavior of monomeric, cationic, two-coordinate gold(I) pi-alkene complexes.
Spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and alkene binding studies were in accord with a gold-(pi-alkene) interaction dominated by sigma-donation from the alkene to gold.
A Prochelator Activated by Hydrogen Peroxide Prevents Metal‐Induced Amyloid β Aggregation
Metal ions, particularly Cu+/2+ and Zn2+ but also Fe2+/3+, have been implicated in two processes related to Aβ pathology: peptide aggregation and formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).
A Photo-Caged Platinum(II) Complex That Increases Cytotoxicity upon Light Activation
By using light to alter the coordination chemistry around the metal center, [Pt(cage)] represents a new strategy for potentially delivering metal-based drugs in a site and time specific manner.
Syntheses and X-ray crystal structures of cationic, two-coordinate gold(I) pi-alkene complexes that contain a sterically hindered o-biphenylphosphine ligand.
A number of cationic gold pi-alkene complexes of the form {[P(t-Bu)(2)o-biphenyl]Au(pi-alkene)}(+)SbF(6)(-) were isolated and three were analyzed by X-ray crystallography.
Solid-State and Dynamic Solution Behavior of a Cationic, Two-Coordinate Gold(I) π-Allene Complex
The cationic gold π-allene complex {[P(t-Bu)2o-biphenyl]Au[η2-H2C═C═C(CH3)2]}+SbF6− was isolated in 98% yield from reaction of 3-methyl-1,2-butadiene with a mixture of [P(t-Bu)2o-biphenyl]AuCl and
Toward the development of prochelators as fluorescent probes of copper-mediated oxidative stress.
A fluorescent sensor prochelator, FlamB (fluorescein hydrizido 2-imidophenylboronic ester), has been developed that selectively probes for copper under conditions of oxidative stress and provides a modest fluorescence increase in response to Cu(2+) but not other metal ions.
Stereoselective synthesis and osteogenic activity of subglutinols A and B.
It is shown that activating protein 1 (AP-1) family transcription factors could be one of the key regulators for the anabolic activity of subglutinol A and such drugs with dose-dependent osteogenic activity might help reduce bone-associated side effects and be clinically useful for bone tissue transplantation.