Marina F. González

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Antisocial and criminal behaviors are multifactorial traits whose interpretation relies on multiple disciplines. Since these interpretations may have social, moral and legal implications, a constant review of the evidence is necessary before any scientific claim is considered as truth. A recent study proposed that men with wider faces relative to facial(More)
Different scenarios attempting to describe the initial phases of the human dispersal from Asia into the New World have been proposed during the last two decades. However, some aspects concerning the population affinities among early and modern Asians and Native Americans remain controversial. Specifically, contradictory views based mainly on partial(More)
OBJECTIVE Here we evaluate morphological integration patterns and magnitudes in different skull regions to detect if shifts in morphological integration are correlated to the appearance of more processed (softer) diets. METHODS To do so, three transitional populations were analyzed, including samples from groups that inhabited the same geographical region(More)
The 'omics' era and its concomitant technological advances have brought great insight into genetics. One of the most promising fields within human genetics is the prediction of physical traits from analysis of genetic material. Besides the predictive potential of DNA, the traceability of pathogenic agents in the human body through molecular analysis is also(More)
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