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Considerable evidence supports consideration of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder as related disorders. BDD may share common phenomenological and neurobiological features with OGD and other disorders characterized by repetitive thoughts and behaviors and mediated by serotonin dysfunction. Within this substrate, specific(More)
The Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a rare disease that also seems to be generally misdiagnosed. Initially described in the XVIII century by the philosopher with the same name, it consist in complex visual hallucinations in elderly people who suffer sensory deprivation with no other psychopathology. The hypothesis on the neurophysiology of hallucinations(More)
The psychiatric manifestations of certain neurological diseases frequently are unfamiliar to psychiatrists, which often makes it difficult to select the appropriate therapeutic approach. The clinical case presented exemplifies a case of Huntington disease (HD) which debut with insidious psychiatric symptoms. The most frequent psychiatric presentations in HD(More)
Amazing advances have been made in medical sciences since the first international conference on eating disorders (ED) was held in the 1970s, and there have been remarkable changes in the field of ED itself. Back then, virtually all that was talked about was anorexia nervosa; clinicians and researchers were mainly concerned about the possible hypothalamic(More)
UNLABELLED Some evidence suggests that temperament and personality traits could influence the development and severity of eating disorders. This study was designed to study these aspects. METHODS 72 patients with DSM-IV eating disorders including 25 anorexia nervosa restricting type, 17 with anorexia nervosa binge eating-purging type and 30 with bulimia(More)
An evaluation was made of the influence of different psychiatric co-morbidities on the symptoms of the disorder popularly known as "ataque de nervios" (nervous breakdown) among the US Hispanic population. Using a self-completed instrument designed specially for both traditional nervous breakdown and for panic symptoms, and structured or semi-structured(More)
The present case report is an example of a Chronic Hallucinatory Psychosis described by Ballet. Since this syndrome is excluded on the operational diagnostic manuals we would like to emphasize its discussion and possible inclussión on the group of late-onset schizophrenias.
The purpose of the present work was to analyze the outcome of patients diagnosed of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) after Hospital discharge from our Unit, focusing on therapeutical efficacy immediately after discharge and in the follow up, searching for good evolution predictors. We have studied 42 patients (26 females and 16 males) diagnosed of OCD(More)
The subject is discourse; such discourse is far from a simple point of encounter (or disencounter) between a language, a significant system, and a wild, virginal reality that is distant from any word. Farm from being a mere actualization of a group of signs used to indicate "things per se-, to represent a reality that now, beforehand, and regardless of the(More)
Personality disorders are common in eating disorders and preliminary reports indicate that this type of disorders implicate a poor prognosis in anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Cluster C personality disorders, particularly avoidant and dependent personality disorder are the most frequent in anorexia nervosa. In bulimia nervosa, however, cluster B personality(More)