Marina Delucchi

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The sleep monitoring experiment permitted an objective evaluation of sleep characteristics during the first two manned Skylab flights. Hardware located onboard the spacecraft accomplished data acquisition, analysis, and preservation, thereby permitting near-real-time evaluation of sleep during the flights and more detailed postmission analysis. The crewman(More)
Under sleep-laboratory control, the efficacy of flurazepam hydrochloride (15 mg) was evaluated in 6 women (age range, 67-82 years) with objectively verified insomnia. A 15-night, single-blind, crossover procedure was followed. Sleep records obtained during 3 placebo-baseline nights, 7 consecutive flurazepam nights, and 3 placebo-withdrawal nights were(More)
Superhydrophobic coating technology is regarded as an attractive possibility for the protection of materials in a sea environment. DC techniques are a useful tool to characterize metals' behavior in seawater in the presence/absence of coatings and/or corrosion inhibitors. In this work, investigations concerning Al-5%Mg alloy with and without a sprayed(More)
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