Marina Deckwart

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Proteinogenic wine fining agents are hidden allergens and could present a risk for consumers with allergies. Therefore, the European Parliament adopted Directive 2003/89/EC amending Directive 2000/13/EC to declare ingredients, contaminations and processing aids that are known to trigger allergic reactions. The Amendment Regulation (EU) 1266/2010 excluded(More)
Potential residues of the potent allergen lysozyme used as a microbial stabilizing agent in wine production might pose a serious health thread to susceptible individuals. Therefore, EU legislation requires the labeling of the allergenic agent, if it is present in the final product. To allow for product testing, an indirect ELISA method to be specifically(More)
Fining of wine with proteinogenic fining agents such as casein from cow's milk is a traditional and commonly used technique all over the world. Casein and other proteins from cow's milk are well-known food allergens, which pose a risk for allergic consumers. Temporary regulations exempting the labeling of milk and products thereof in wine expired. Since(More)
Allergenic fining agents and processing aids from hen’s egg and cow’s milk used in wine production are hidden allergens and could demonstrate a health threat for allergic persons. Hence, the European parliament adopted Directive 2003/89/EC amending 2000/13/EC to declare ingredients, contaminations and processing aids which are known to trigger allergic(More)
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