Marina-D Batueva

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The parasitic fauna of whitefishes of the genus Coregonus from Lakes Baunt and Large Kapylushi of the Tsipa-Tsipikanskaya system in the riverhead of the Vitim River (the inflow of the Lena River) has been studied. It is presented by 25 species. The maximum species diversity of the parasitic fauna (20 species) was registered in Coregonus baunti, which is the(More)
Analysis of variability and estimation of significance of the differences in morphometric parameters of spores have been carried out for three species of the genus Henneguya (Myxosporidia). Representatives of these species collected both in the same water body (but from different host species) and in geographically distant localities were compared. Thus, we(More)
Fauna of parasites of burbot from the Baikal Rift Zone (Lake Baikal, Lake Khuvsgul, and Tsipo- Tsipikan and Kuanda-Chara lakes) includes 46 species of 11 classes. The species composition of fauna of parasites of burbot decreases in the following sequence: Lake Baikal (37 species) > lakes Tsipo-Tsipikan (18 species) > Lake Khuvsgul (15 species) >(More)
Myxozoa is a well-known economically and ecologically important group of metazoan parasites, phylogenetically related to Cnidaria. High diversity of myxosporeans has been recorded in Russia and China; however, most of the species were solely morphologically characterised. Here, we identified a new gibel carp-infecting Myxobolus species and morphologically(More)
The parasite fauna of Oreoleuciscus humilis from the Ust-Nur Lake (Selenga River basin), Tuin-Gol River (Goby Lakes Valley) are given for the first time. We found 9 species of Oreoleuciscus humilis parasites, 5 species is revealed for the first time for this host. Infracommunities of parasites of Oreoleuciscus humilis in the Tuin-Gol River are balanced and(More)
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