Marina Cristodero

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The salivarian trypanosome Trypanosoma brucei infects mammals and is transmitted by tsetse flies. The mammalian 'bloodstream form' trypanosome has a variant surface glycoprotein coat and relies on glycolysis while the procyclic form from tsetse flies has EP protein on the surface and has a more developed mitochondrion. We show here that the mRNA for the(More)
The yeast putative RNA helicase Mtr4p is implicated in exosome-mediated RNA quality control in the nucleus, interacts with the exosome, and is found in the 'TRAMP' complex with a yeast nuclear poly(A) polymerase (Trf4p/Pap2p or Trf5p) and a putative RNA-binding protein, Air1p or Air2p. Depletion of the Trypanosoma brucei MTR4-like protein TbMTR4 caused(More)
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