Marina Cendic

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A ligand field molecular mechanics (LFMM) force field (FF) has been developed for d(9) copper(II) complexes of aminopolycarboxylate ligands. Training data were derived from density functional theory (DFT) geometry optimizations of 14 complexes comprising potentially hexadentate N2O4, tetrasubstituted ethylenediamine (ed), and propylenediamine cores with(More)
Copper(II) complexes of hexadentate ethylenediaminetetracarboxylic acid type ligands H(4)eda3p and H(4)eddadp (H(4)eda3p = ethylenediamine-N-acetic-N,N',N'-tri-3-propionic acid; H(4)eddadp = ethylenediamine-N,N'-diacetic-N,N'-di-3-propionic acid) have been prepared. An octahedral trans(O(6)) geometry (two propionate ligands coordinated in axial positions)(More)
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