Marina Besalduch

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We describe the technical aspects of an arthroscopy-assisted procedure indicated for the management of acute unstable acromioclavicular joint injuries, consisting of a synthetic augmentation of both the coracoclavicular and acromioclavicular ligaments, that anatomically reproduces the coracoclavicular biomechanics and offers fixation that keeps the torn(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteoporosis predisposes for a higher risk of hip fracture and its treatment is frequently underprescribed. Our purpose was to assess the relation between having a second hip fracture and receiving osteoporosis treatment. Also to assess the relation between this second fracture and using central nervous system drugs or being institutionalised.(More)
INTRODUCTION Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVS) is a synovial proliferation disorder of uncertain aetiology, with some controversy as regards its proper treatment. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the functional outcome and recurrence rate in a series of patients diagnosed with both the diffuse and the localised type of PVS and treated by(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the results of arthroscopic repair of acromioclavicular dislocation in terms of health-related quality of life. MATERIAL AND METHOD Prospective study of patients with acromioclavicular dislocation Rockwood grade iii-v, treated arthroscopically with a mean follow up of 25.4 months. The demographics of the series were recorded and(More)
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