Marina Avitabile

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The DARPA Grand Challenge might be the greatest and most heralded control systems problem ever posed. The challenge was to build an autonomous vehicle that could navigate from Barstow, CA to Prim, NV, across hundreds of miles of rugged desert terrain. To win the million-dollar cash prize being offered by DARPA, the vehicle was required to traverse the(More)
Borrowing some terminology from prop groups, thin Lie algebras are N-graded Lie algebras of width two and obliquity zero, generated in degree one. In particular, their homogeneous components have degree one or two, and they are termed diamonds in the latter case. In one of the two main subclasses of thin Lie algebras the earliest diamond after that in(More)
Thin Lie algebras are graded Lie algebras L = L ∞ i=1 Li with dim Li ≤ 2 for all i, and satisfying a more stringent but natural narrowness condition modeled on an analogous condition for prop groups. The two-dimensional homogeneous components of L, which include L1, are named diamonds. Infinite-dimensional thin Lie algebras with various diamond patterns(More)
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