Marina Alonso

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Current trends in high-performance parallel computers show that fat-tree interconnection networks are one of the most popular topologies. The particular characteristics of this topology, that provide multiple alternative paths for each source/destination pair, make it an excellent candidate for applying power consumption reduction techniques. Such(More)
Nowadays, high-degree switches are available as building blocks of the interconnection network of clusters of PCs. An alternative to take advantage of the high number of switch ports is to connect every pair of switches through not only one but also several links (this is known as link trunking in other environments). This extra connectivity can be(More)
Nowadays, power consumption reduction techniques are being increasingly used in computer systems, and high-performance computing systems are not an exception. In particular, the power consumed by the interconnect circuitry has a non-negligible contribution to the total system budget. In this scenario, fat-tree interconnection networks are one of the most(More)
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