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One of the most striking features of the diatom Didymosphenia geminata, which has increased markedly in abundance in a number of countries in recent years, is the very large branched stalks. In order to help understanding their role, an ultrastructural study was carried out on two populations, one from a stream in northern England and the other from a river(More)
Forty-one heterocystous cyanobacteria strains representing 12 cyanobacterial genera collected from all across India were assessed in phylogenetic and evolutionary perspectives. The structural gene 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and the functional genes nifD and psbA were selected as molecular chronometers in this study. The phylogenetic analyses demonstrated the(More)
The seasonal sampling of irrigation or drinking water reservoirs in the province of Murcia (SE Spain) in the hydrological year 2000-2001 revealed the presence of intracellular microcystins in the benthic cyanophyte communities throughout the year. The total microcystin levels, as measured by HPLC, were relatively high but lower than others published for(More)
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