Marina A. Davydova

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295 Nickel hyperaccumulators accumulate Ni in shoots, whereas nickel excluders—in roots [1]. Several researchers described Ni distribution in shoots of hyperaccumulators, whereas its distribution in roots of hyperaccumulators and excluders is not essentially studied [2–4]. The main task of this study was to compare Ni distribution in various tissues of(More)
The activities of glutamate dehydrogenase, asparagine synthetase, and total glutamine synthetase in the organs of the white lupine (Lupinus albus L.) plants were measured during plant growth and development. In addition, the dynamics of free amino acids and amides in plant organs was followed. It was shown that the change in the nutrition type was important(More)
The method of roentgen small angle dispersion was used for the study of the structure of bacteriophage DD7. According to the results, phage DD7 is a homogeneous icosahedral particle (with the edge of 410-415 A) with a round cylindrical tail (1700-1750 A in length, 110-120 A in diameter). The lineal sizes of the head exceed those determined by electron(More)
We consider stationary solutions with boundary and internal transition layers (contrast structures) for a nonlinear singularly perturbed equation that is referred to in applications as the stationary reaction-diffusion-advection equation. We construct an asymptotic approximation of an arbitrary-order accuracy to such solutions and prove the existence(More)
It was reported earlier that mutations at the r and rb pea genes, which lead to a decrease in the content of starch in seeds and change in their shape from round to wrinkled [1, 2] cause changes in general metabolism due to intensification of basic processes, such as symbiotic fixation of molecular nitrogen and assimilation of nitrate nitrogen [3, 4]. As a(More)