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Methods for the parallel computation of a multidimensional hypercomplex discrete Fourier transform (HDFT) are considered. The basic idea consists in the application of the properties of the hypercomplex algebra in which this transform is performed. Additional possibilities for increasing the efficiency of the algorithm are provided by the natural(More)
The problem of searching for and recognizing fragments of images that correspond to one of a wide variety of template is considered. The method of the fast correlation of a wide selection of trinary template, which successfully resolves this problem, is suggested. The use of this method in two problems of image analysis is shown, namely, the search for(More)
Algorithms of parallel computation of multidimensional discrete orthogonal transforms that rely on a previously developed approach to paralleling discrete Fourier transforms and methods of reducing different discrete orthogonal transforms (discrete Hartley transform, discrete cosine transform, etc.) to discrete Fourier transforms of a special form are(More)
Combined algorithms for the multidimensional hypercomplex discrete Fourier transform (HDFT) of a real signal with data representation in the Hamilton-Eisenstein generalized codes are synthesized. The complexity of arithmetic operations in a commutative-associative hypercomplex algebra and its representation in generalized codes are obtained. It is shown(More)