Marina A. Afanasieva

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Intermediates and final products of protein aggregation play crucial role in the development of degenerative changes in a number of neurological diseases. Pathological protein aggregation is currently regarded as one of the most promising therapeutic targets for treatment of these diseases. Transgenic mouse models of proteinopathies are an effective tool(More)
The age dynamics of the content of the immune proteasome subunits LMP2 and LMP7 in rat thymus during prenatal and early postnatal ontogeny was studied. The LMP2 and LMP7 immune subunits were detected by Western blotting already by the 18th day of embryonic development, their amount increased to the 21st day to the level characteristic of the postnatal(More)
Changes in the structure of the rat spleen and the distribution of immune proteasomes in it during early postnatal development have been studied using double immunofluorescent staining of tissue sections with antibodies to the LMP7 immune proteasome subunit and to specific markers of T and B lymphocytes. It has been shown that the white pulp on postnatal(More)
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