Marina Álvarez-Hernández

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A prothrombotic state is one of the hallmarks of malignancy and a major contributor to morbidity and mortality in cancer patients.Tissue factor (TF) is often overexpressed in malignancy and is a prime candidate in predicting the hypercoagulable state. Moreover, increased number of TF-exposing microparticles (MPs) in cancer patients may contribute to venous(More)
The main purpose of this article is to analyse the perception that specialist teachers in therapeutic pedagogy have of the integration of students with specific needs for educational support. Diverse groups of students are differentiated. More specifically, it aims to know how teachers perceive students' performance and participation, and also certain(More)
Solar urticaria is characterized by itching, erythema and wheeling immediately after exposure to radiation in the ultraviolet (UVB, UVA) and visible spectra. Although its exact mechanism remains unknown, evidence supports an immunologic pathogenesis. We describe an unusual patient with solar urticaria who had more severe involvement in skin irradiated with(More)
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