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This paper proposes a fuzzy logic based procedure able to control the behavior of a patient's blood pressure during a dialysis session, allowing him to reach the planned dry weight. A proportional integrative discrete-time fuzzy control is used to subject the controlled variables (blood pressure and blood volume) to the reference values. Two different(More)
Overview The basic idea of this project is to develop a useful web-based IDE that can be used by any client with a web brower. It will make programing become more easy and convenient, programer can work outside of their office. On the other hand, web-based IDE can help team members avoid confict because every code and documents are stored on the servers.(More)
Overview Proof-Carrying Code [6] is a technique that allows one to execute mobile code in a safe way. To produce the proof automatically, Certifying Compilers [7] cab be used. However, proof can only be generated automatically for a restricted set of properties (e.g type safe properties). A proof-transforming compiler (PTC) is a compiler that takes a source(More)
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