Marimelle A. Bueno

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BACKGROUND The epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management of Aspergillus osteomyelitis are not well understood. METHODS Protocol-defined cases of Aspergillus osteomyelitis published in the English literature were reviewed for comorbidities, microbiology, mechanisms of infection, clinical manifestations, radiological findings, inflammatory(More)
Seven patients with craniosynostosis (mean age 8 years, Apert syndrome, n = 4, Crouzon's disease, n = 3) underwent lengthening of the skull by gradual bone distraction. Three patients (group A) were treated by coronal craniectomy reaching the orbital fissure and gradual bone distraction. The other four (group B) underwent monobloc craniofacial disjunction(More)
Background.  Candida arthritis is a debilitating form of deeply invasive candidiasis. However, its epidemiology, clinical manifestations, management, and outcome are not well understood. Methods.  Cases of Candida arthritis were reviewed from 1967 through 2014. Variables included Candida spp in joint and/or adjacent bone, underlying conditions, clinical(More)
PURPOSE To verify if cimetidine, ranitidine, and famotidine, when inoculated by ip route in mice, do enhance macrophage activation and whether or not such activation is altered with prior use of sodium thioglycolate. KIND OF STUDY: Experimental. ANIMALS isogenic, Balb/c mice, 19-21 g. INTERVENTION The authors used 8 groups of 10 animals. The mice were(More)
In order to verify the effects of triiodothyronine (T3) administration in animals bearing Walker tumor, the authors have carried out an experimental study utilizing Wistar rats inoculated with both ascitic and solid Walker tumor, and Balb/c isogenic mice for the study of spreading of macrophages. The animals were treated with T3 20 micrograms/100 g of body(More)
Aspergillus arthritis is a debilitating form of invasive aspergillosis. Little is known about its epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory features, treatment, and prognosis. Cases of Aspergillus arthritis were reviewed in the English literature from 1967 through 2015 for variables of arthritis with Aspergillus spp. recovered from joint and/or(More)
Fibrin glue of human origin was used in 12 patients following excision of facial skin tumors and reconstruction skin graft. Positive results were achieved in all cases with good by full-thickness healing, reduction of operating time and good aesthetic results.
OBJECTIVE to verify the effects of Listeria monocytogenes (LM) inoculation in the survival of animals bearing Ehrlich's tumor. KIND OF STUDY: experimental. Animals-isogenic mice, Balb/c, female, 19-21 g. Tumor-Ascitic Ehrlich's tumor, dilution of 5 x 10(5) cells/0.1 ml. Bacteria-LM serotype 4a, solution with 7 x 10(3) bacteria (standard sub-lethal dose).(More)
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