Marilynn Livingston

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We consider the problem of determining the minimum number of faulty processors , n; m, and of faulty links, n; m, in an n-dimensional hypercube computer so that every m-dimensional subcube is faulty. Best known lower bounds for n; m and n; m are proved, several new recursive inequalities and new upper bounds are established, their asymptotic behavior for(More)
Large-scale ecological simulations are natural candidates for distributed discrete event simulation. In optimistic simulation of spatially explicit models, a difficult problem arises when individuals migrate between physical regions simulated by different logical processes. We present a solution to this problem that uses shared object states. Shared states(More)
Input/Output is a big obstacle to eeective use of teraaops-scale computing systems. Motivated by earlier parallel I/O measurements on an Intel TFLOPS machine, we conduct studies to determine the sensitivity of parallel I/O performance on multi-programmed mesh-connected machines with respect to number of I/O nodes, number of compute nodes, network link(More)
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