Marilyne Favier

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Aging is associated with a progressive loss of muscle mass, increased adiposity and fibrosis that leads to sarcopenia. At the molecular level, muscle aging is known to alter the expression of a variety of genes but very little is known about the molecular effectors involved. SRF (Serum Response Factor) is a crucial transcription factor for muscle-specific(More)
Infected ascites are common in alcoholic cirrhosis. The mechanisms by which they contain few neutrophil granulocytes remain unknown. Ascitic fluids from 25 patients were studied for their chemotactic properties using Nelson's method 1975 (migration under agarose). Ascitic fluids were compared to plasmas from controls and to a standard attractant (FMLP, 10-7(More)
The compensatory growth of the kidney (C. G. K.) in the rat, is accompanied by a lowering of the renal concentration of histamine (507 micrograms/kg 48 hours after the beginning of the C. G. K. against 1,070 micrograms/kg in the normal kidney). Three antihistamines were injected i.p. during the first 48 hours of the C. G. K.: dexchlorpheniramine (H1(More)
Acute epididymitis is a common infection in the young sexually active adult. Etiologically, the organisms most frequently found are Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhea and gram negative bacilli. Pefloxacin is a novel quinolone whose antibacterial spectrum and bactericidal activity allow it to be considered for use in the treatment of orchitis and(More)
The design of an isolator and its use by an oncology satellite pharmacy for preparing cytotoxic drugs are described. The isolator (Iso Concept, Boulogne, France) is a totally enclosed ventilated biological-safety cabinet of class III polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with positive air pressure, a half-suit with a rotating seal, and attached neoprene gloves. There(More)
Bearing in mind the insufficiency of commercialized starters for the manufacture of french dried sausage, a starter (Micrococci and Lactobacilli) named Lyoflore was perfected and tested during ten months in three factories. The results obtained show the value of this additif: acceleration in maturity, rapid acidification, inhibition of undesirable bacteria,(More)
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