Marilyn Wells

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The study objective was to determine the feasibility of implementation of personal health records (PHRs) by case managers (CMs) in a Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) Continuity of Care (COC) Clinic, to ascertain the impact of PHRs on patient access to vital health information, and to assess the effect on provider-patient communication. One hundred and(More)
Storing, analyzing and accessing data is a growing problem for organizations. Competitive pressures and new regulations are requiring organizations to efficiently handle increasing volumes and varieties of data, but this doesn't come cheap. And as the demands of Big Data exceed the constraints of traditional relational databases, evaluating legacy(More)
Protecting and preserving data stored in electronic form is important, and ensuring that data is available to the correct access level requires consideration of the characteristics of the data and the purpose to which the data will be used. Important questions therefore are raised about what is the right data and who has the right access level. This is the(More)
Information management can be a daunting process for clinicians, health care providers and policy makers within the health care industry. This chapter discusses the importance of information classification and information architecture in the information economy and specific challenges faced within the health care industry. The healthcare sector has industry(More)
This paper formulates the selection of Cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system providers as a multicriteria group decision making problem, and presents a fuzzy multicriteria group decision making procedure for effectively solving the group decision making problem. The subjectiveness and imprecision of the decision making process is dealt(More)
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