Marilyn Schneider

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Indirect-drive hohlraum experiments at the National Ignition Facility have demonstrated symmetric capsule implosions at unprecedented laser drive energies of 0.7 megajoule. One hundred and ninety-two simultaneously fired laser beams heat ignition-emulate hohlraums to radiation temperatures of 3.3 million kelvin, compressing 1.8-millimeter-diameter capsules(More)
The diffuse gamma radiation arising from the interaction of cosmic ray particles with matter and radiation in the Galaxy is one of the few probes available to study the origin of the cosmic rays. Milagro is a water Cherenkov detector that continuously views the entire overhead sky. The large field-of-view combined with the long observation time makes(More)
A set of 13 dinucleotide STR loci (G1A, G10B, G1D, G10L, MU05, MU09, MU10, MU15, MU23, MU26, MU50, MU51, MU59) were selected as candidate markers for a DNA forensic profiling system for Northern European brown bear (Ursus arctos). We present results from validation of the markers with respect to their sensitivity, species specificity and performance(More)
The Milagrito water Cherenkov detector near Los Alamos, New Mexico, operated as a sky monitor at energies of a few TeV between February 1997 and May 1998 including the period of the strong, long-lasting 1997 are of Markarian 501. Milagrito served as a test run for the full Milagro detector. An event excess with a signiicance of 3:7 from Markarian 501 was(More)
Solid-state dynamics experiments at very high pressures and strain rates are becoming possible with high-power laser facilities, albeit over brief intervals of time and spatially small scales. To achieve extreme pressures in the solid state requires that the sample be kept cool, with T sample Ͻ T melt. To this end, a shockless, plasma-piston " drive " has(More)
Experiments have recently been conducted at the National Ignition Facility utilizing inertial confinement fusion capsule ablators that are 175 and 165  μm in thickness, 10% and 15% thinner, respectively, than the nominal thickness capsule used throughout the high foot and most of the National Ignition Campaign. These three-shock, high-adiabat, high-foot(More)
Historically, X-ray imaging has been used to determine geometric and qualitative intensity information, such as tooth damage or star luminosity. For many endeavors, including astronomy, non-destructive testing, medicine, and plasma physics, the ability to measure accurately the X-ray intensity in a specific energy interval has become more important. But the(More)
We report on the first layered deuterium-tritium (DT) capsule implosions indirectly driven by a "high-foot" laser pulse that were fielded in depleted uranium hohlraums at the National Ignition Facility. Recently, high-foot implosions have demonstrated improved resistance to ablation-front Rayleigh-Taylor instability induced mixing of ablator material into(More)
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