Marilyn Panayi

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The objective of the research is to develop a new method of human-machine interaction that reflects and harnesses the abilities of people with severe speech and motor impairment due to cerebral palsy (SSMICP). Human-human interaction within the framework of drama and mime was used to elicit 120 gestures from twelve students with SSMICP. 27 dynamic arm(More)
The effects of colchicine, cytochalasin-B and papaverine on wound healing inXenopus early embryos have been studied. Colchicine does not prevent wound healing, whereas cytochalasin-B does. Papaverine, under conditions which prevent the completion of neurulation, does not prevent wound healing. A model is given which might explain these observations.
Research frameworks are being developed that involve very young children in the process of development of future technologies. Children, their teachers and parents from schools in Israel and Denmark are coming together with researchers, educationalists, psychologists, designers and technologists to develop a wearable technology for educational usethe(More)
The Perception-Action-Cycle is revisited within a biological systems approach and considers gesture in the context of Dynamic Systems Theory. A partial descriptive feature based model of Spatial Cognition in Action (SCA) is developed by the examination of children’s embodied gestures that are rooted in action. The model brings together ecological and(More)
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