Marilyn Palmer

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BACKGROUND The most definitive reports concerning the seasonal characteristics of ragweed (Ambrosia spp) pollen dispersal in the United States date back 60 years to work conducted with gravity slide samples. OBJECTIVE Volumetric pollen data from 23 sampling sites were used to study the ragweed pollen season. METHODS The date of first and final pollen(More)
We report the use of serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) estimations prior to clinic attendance in 234 patients referred with symptoms of bladder outlet obstruction to a general urology clinic. Ninety-three patients with PSA levels > 10 ng/ml were seen earlier than planned and offered transurethral resection or transrectal biopsy of the prostate gland.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether it is possible to eliminate the influence of intravesical pressure on the pressure drop recorded between the bladder and prostatic urethra during the micturitional urethral pressure profile (MUPP). MATERIALS AND METHODS An experimental study using an artificial bladder/urethral model and computerized urethral pressure(More)
A new technique for measuring urethral opening pressure above the distal sphincter is described, based on the fluid bridge test. This test eliminates many of the inaccuracies produced when using standard pressure flow studies. Nineteen males were studied, 15 of whom had cystometric evidence of bladder outlet obstruction, the other 4 being unobstructed. The(More)
Student views of their teachers and schooling can influence motivation and interest in schooling as well as their approach to learning. This paper describes the results of an investigation of rural adolescents’ views of their schooling. A total of 240 students from government and non-government schools in the South West of Western Australia were interviewed(More)