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A 2.91-billion base pair (bp) consensus sequence of the euchromatic portion of the human genome was generated by the whole-genome shotgun sequencing method. The 14.8-billion bp DNA sequence was generated over 9 months from 27,271,853 high-quality sequence reads (5.11-fold coverage of the genome) from both ends of plasmid clones made from the DNA of five(More)
Osteoporosis has traditionally been considered a disorder of postmenopausal women, but low bone mass and accelerated bone loss can also occur early in life causing premenopausal osteoporosis. There are a few risk factors that increase a woman's risk of premenopausal osteoporosis, including drugs, hormonal and nutritional factors, and physical in-activity,(More)
Current estimates of the terrestrial carbon fluxes in Asia show large uncertainties particularly in the boreal and mid-latitudes and in China. In this paper, we present an updated carbon flux estimate for Asia (" Asia " refers to lands as far west as the Urals and is divided into bo-real Eurasia, temperate Eurasia and tropical Asia based on TransCom(More)
Osteoporosis is a condition of impaired bone strength that results in an increased risk of fracture. The current and most popular pharmacological options for the treatment of osteoporosis include antiresorptive therapy, in particular, oral bisphosphonates (alendronate, risedronate, ibandronate). Anabolic agents like teriparatide have widened our therapeutic(More)
A case of a 16-year-old male with both a nasal dermoid sinus cyst (NDSC) and a third ventricle colloid cyst is presented. The NDSC was excised via a single-stage combined intracranial-extracranial approach and the third ventricle colloid cyst was resected endoscopically. The pathogenetic theories of NDSC and third ventricle colloid cyst are discussed, and(More)
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