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Findings from a national study of community college administrative careers, examining issues of position, gender, and race / ethnicity are reported. Career path data also are compared with an earlierExpand
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Career Stages of Community College Faculty: A Qualitative Analysis of their Career Paths, Roles, and Development
Twenty-two faculty at a Midwestern community college were interviewed to elicit their perceptions of their career paths, their early-stage career roles, and the role played by faculty development inExpand
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Leading partnerships: Competencies for collaboration
One strategy used with increasing frequency to meet the needs of multiple constituencies is partnerships and forms of organizational collaboration, consortia, and networks. This chapter explores theExpand
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Breaking Out of the Box: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Faculty Work
The first section of the book, including the introduction, presents a discussion of concepts and definitions of interdisciplinarity and collaboration, and introduces a model of InterdisciplinaryExpand
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Crossing Boundaries Creating Community College Partnerships to Promote Educational Transitions
Community college partnerships with institutions in other educational sectors (including schools and universities) are important and strategic ways of meeting the educational needs of collegeExpand
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Demands for Partnership and Collaboration in Higher Education: A Model
Partnerships in academe are becoming more common, for a variety of rea-sons. Policymakers view partnership as a strategic way of meeting the state’seducation and economic goals. Institutions benefitExpand
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Interdisciplinary collaboration and academic work: A case study of a university-community partnership
The authors propose a model of the stages of interdisciplinary collaboration grounded in their experiences as external evaluators of a university-community partnership.
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Faculty Culture and College Life: Reshaping Incentives Toward Student Outcomes
Faculty incentives are skewed away from the collegiate ideal, particularly at research universities. Is it inevitable that reasearch-oriented faculty divorce themselves from campus life, or can theExpand
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