Marilyn J. Smith

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The efficient prediction of helicopter rotor performance, vibratory loads, and aeroelastic properties still relies heavily on the use of comprehensive analysis codes by the rotorcraft industry. These comprehensive codes utilize look-up tables to provide two-dimensional aerodynamic characteristics. Typically these tables are comprised of a combination of(More)
A cross sectional study was carried out to determine whether schoolchildren in a specific locality exposed to pollution from steam coal dust have an excess of respiratory symptoms compared with children in control areas. A total of 1872 primary schoolchildren (aged 5-11 years) from five primary schools in the Bootle dock area of Liverpool (exposed area),(More)
A high-precision Penning trap mass measurement of the exotic 8He nuclide (T(1/2)=119 ms) has been carried out resulting in a reduction of the uncertainty of the halo binding energy by over an order of magnitude. The new mass, determined with a relative uncertainty of 9.2 x 10(-8) (deltam=690 eV) is 13 keV less bound than the previously accepted value. The(More)
Using 586  pb(-1) of e+ e- collision data at E(c.m.) = 4170  MeV, produced at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring collider and collected with the CLEO-c detector, we observe the process e+ e- → π+ π- h(c)(1P). We measure its cross section to be 15.6±2.3±1.9±3.0  pb, where the third error is due to the external uncertainty on the branching fraction of ψ(2S) →(More)
The beauty to up quark coupling constant |V(ub)| can be extracted from B → ρ e+ ν(e) combined with the form factors for D → K* e+ ν(e) and B → V ℓ+ ℓ- and D → ρ e+ ν(e). Using the entire CLEO-c ψ(3770) → DD event sample, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 818  pb(-1) and approximately 5.4×10(6) DD events, we measure the form factors for the decays(More)
This paper quantifies findings about breakup of radial flow in the stalled region above a retreating rotor blade, into discrete co-rotating vortical structures. It uses re-analysis of previous experimental data and new computational work using an unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes solver with a hybrid RANS-LES turbulence methodology. The vorticity(More)
The first direct mass measurement of {6}He has been performed with the TITAN Penning trap mass spectrometer at the ISAC facility. In addition, the mass of {8}He was determined with improved precision over our previous measurement. The obtained masses are m({6}He)=6.018 885 883(57)  u and m({8}He)=8.033 934 44(11)  u. The {6}He value shows a deviation from(More)
One of the principal disadvantages of the passive pill as a telemetric method for measuring various physiological parameters has been its resticted range. The reasons for the restricted range with existing detection methods are discussed. An improved method using a locking spectrometer based on third-order phase-sensitive detection is described and its(More)
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