Marilyn Halonen

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Recent studies have demonstrated that the majority of muscarinic receptors in rabbit peripheral lung homogenates bind pirenzepine with high affinity (putative M1 subtype). In experiments of AF-DX 116 inhibiting [3H](-)quinuclidinyl benzilate or [3H]pirenzepine, we found similar inhibitory constants for AF-DX 116 binding in rat heart and rabbit peripheral(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have suggested that a restrictive pattern assessed with a single spirometric test is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. This study was undertaken to determine demographic, clinical and mortality profiles of subjects with either a recurrent or an inconsistent restrictive spirometric pattern assessed prospectively. (More)
An in vitro preparation was developed to study vagus nerve-stimulated (preganglionic) and field-stimulated (post-ganglionic) contraction of the rabbit main stem bronchus and to compare the inhibitory effects of muscarinic antagonists on that contraction. The maximal contractile responses (20 V, 0.5 ms, 64 Hz) for either field or vagal stimulation were(More)
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