Marilyn F Downs

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Thirty strength-trained subjects were randomized to carbohydrate (CHO) or placebo (Pla) groups and lifted weights for 2 h (10 exercises, 4 sets each, 10 repetitions, with 2- to 3-min rest intervals). Subjects received 10 ml x kg(-1) x h(-1) CHO (6%) or Pla beverages during the weight training bout. Blood, saliva, and vastus lateralis muscle biopsy samples(More)
Mental illness stigma has been identified by national policy makers as an important barrier to help seeking for mental health. Using a random sample of 5,555 students from a diverse set of 13 universities, we conducted one of the first empirical studies of the association of help-seeking behavior with both perceived public stigma and people's own(More)
OBJECTIVES Many suicidal college students do not receive mental health treatment, and the reasons for this are not fully understood. This study examines how attitudes, beliefs, and social network factors relate to help seeking among suicidal students. PARTICIPANTS A random sample of 8,487 undergraduate and graduate students from 15 US universities(More)
From a policy standpoint, the spread of health conditions in social networks is important to quantify, because it implies externalities and possible market failures in the consumption of health interventions. Recent studies conclude that happiness and depression may be highly contagious across social ties. The results may be biased, however, because of(More)
Mental illness stigma refers to negative stereotypes and prejudices about people with mental illness, and is a widespread phenomenon with damaging social, psychological, and economic consequences. Despite considerable policy attention, mental illness stigma does not appear to have declined significantly in recent years. Interpersonal contact with persons(More)
This study evaluated a new therapy approach. 18 children with phonological disorders resistant to conventional therapy had phonological awareness training followed by conventional speech therapy. The children's speech production improved as did their phonological awareness. In this heterogeneous group, the patterns revealed in their individual responses to(More)
Spillover effects in health service use may represent an important externality of individual treatment decisions and are important for understanding the consequences of interventions to improve access to health care. This study is the first to our knowledge to examine causal spillover effects for mental health service use. We exploit the natural experiment(More)
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