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The trnK gene has been identified on a cloned plastid DNA fragment of potato (Solanum tuberosum cv Désirée). This gene codes for a tRNA-Lys and is interrupted by a 2.5-kb intron belonging to the group II organellar introns. In addition, this intervening sequence contains a long open reading frame potentially coding for a 509 amino-acid polypeptide (ORF509)(More)
In somatic cells, three major pathways are involved in the repair of DNA double-strand breaks (DBS): Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ), Single-Strand Annealing (SSA) and Homologous Recombination (HR). In somatic and meiotic HR, DNA DSB are 5' to 3' resected, producing long 3' single-stranded DNA extensions. Brca2 is essential to load the Rad51 recombinase(More)
Rabbit zonae pellucidae were isolated using a modified technique of Dunbar et al. (1980). Zonae pellucidae were solubilized in saline phosphate buffer (pH 7.8) for 30 min at 70 degrees C. One dimensional SDS-PAGE analysis showed that zona pellucida is essentially composed of three major proteins with apparent molecular weights of 200 (275-165) kd, 100(More)
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