Marilyn Deegan

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asking them if they would linguistically annotate some refugee material in time for a workshop at the beginning of February 2004. As Marilyn was particularly keen on keyword analysis, members of UCREL, 1 a cross-departmental research centre that specialises in the automatic/computer-aided analysis of large bodies of naturally occurring language, decided to(More)
The introduction to the seminar by Professor Tony McEnery situated the importance of applied linguistics in general and contrasting word frequency information in particular within the arts and humanities, stressing the important roles that both play. He flagged some of the key issues: historians approaching primary source documents are likely to benefit(More)
Cultural heritage is one of the most significant goods that a country and a culture possesses. The Sudan is a country rich in artefacts that go back to the dawn of history: archaeological remains, art, manuscripts that date back to beginning of Islam, books, archival documents, documentary film, hundreds of thousands of hours of video, television and radio,(More)
The influence of circulating prolactin on the binding of labeled hormone to tissue slices in vitro was investigated in rats bearing dimethylbenzanthracene-induced mammary tumors. Prolactin was infused into four animals over four 30-min periods to give serum levels ranging from 20 to 2000 ng/ml. Serial biopsies of liver and tumor were taken during infusion,(More)