Marilyn C. Cole

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While algorithms have existed in math, music and other fields for over one thousand years, the use of algorithms to solve problems has become easier than ever before due to the advent of the modern computer. This fact, in combination with advances in signal processing, makes an understanding of computer science an absolute necessity for future composers of(More)
A common observation among psychologists, dating back at least to the 1920s, is that children appear to talk in a more sophisticated way and to accomplish more complicated intellectual acts in the course of spontaneous interactions with their social and physical environments than they do when they are being interrogated by adults. There are, generally(More)
Computer Science and Computational Approaches to Music for Middle School and High School Students, also known as Musicomputation ( was a highly successful course sponsored by the National Science Foundation (IIS-0834034) and first held in June 2008 at New York University. Two NYU professors and two doctoral candidates developed(More)
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