Marilyn Armand

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In this study we investigate possible objectives that the central nervous system (CNS) may consider in planning a strategy for stepping over an obstacle. A link segment simulation model has been developed based on Lagrangian dynamics, with which muscle force inputs can be optimized to best satisfy the postulated objectives for landing stability, obstacle(More)
Thin film Fabry-Perot filter arrays with high selectivity can be realized with a single patterning step, generating a spatial modulation of the effective refractive index in the optical cavity. In this paper, we investigate the ability of this technology to address two applications in the field of image sensors. First, the spectral tuning may be used to(More)
Information about the stress distribution on contact surfaces of adjacent bones is indispensable for analysis of arthritis, bone fracture and remodeling. Numerical solution of the contact problem based on the classical approaches of solid mechanics is sophisticated and time-consuming. However, the solution can be essentially simplified on the following(More)
Filter technologies implemented on CMOS image sensors for spectrally selective applications often use a combination of on-chip organic resists and an external substrate with multilayer dielectric coatings. The photopic-like and near-infrared bandpass filtering functions respectively required by ambient light sensing and user proximity detection through(More)
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