Marilena Vlachou

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Previous findings from our group based on Monte Carlo simulations indicated that Fickian drug release from Euclidian or fractal matrices can be described with the Weibull function. In this study, the entire drug release kinetics of various published data and experimental data from commercial or prepared controlled release formulations of diltiazem and(More)
HLA-NET (a European COST Action) aims at networking researchers working in bone marrow transplantation, epidemiology and population genetics to improve the molecular characterization of the HLA genetic diversity of human populations, with an expected strong impact on both public health and fundamental research. Such improvements involve finding consensual(More)
The powder characteristics and the effect of the molecular weight of polymers as diluents on the release rate of furosemide and captopril from hard gelatin capsules were evaluated. The high molecular weight polymers studied were poly(oxyethylene) homopolymers (Polyox), with molecular weight ranging from 4,000,000 to 7,000,000. Powder characteristics(More)
This study compared the release behavior of single-unit (tablets, capsules) and multiple-unit (minitablets in capsules) controlled-release systems of furosemide. The swelling and erosion behaviors of these systems, which contained the swellable hydrophilic polymers sodium alginate (high viscosity) and Carbopol 974P, were compared. Swelling and erosion(More)
In this investigation a novel oral pulsatile drug delivery system based on a core-in-cup dry coated tablet, where the core tablet surrounded on the bottom and circumference wall with inactive material, is proposed. The system consists of three different parts, a core tablet, containing the active ingredient, an impermeable outer shell and a top cover(More)
The objective of this investigation was to explore the effects of drug solubility on the evolution of matrix dimensions and gel layer's during drug release and investigate the relationship between these effects and the mechanism and the rate of drug release. Two hydrophilic swellable polymers Polyox (POL) and cross-linked Carbopol (CARB) were employed as(More)
BACKGROUND Multilayer tablets are gaining importance in oral sustained drug delivery. They consist of an active matrix core and one or more layers applied during tableting which may act as barriers and regulate drug release. OBJECTIVE To examine the release performance of two model drugs, diclofenac sodium and furosemide, from two- and three-layer drug(More)
The effect of powder packing and porosity of specimens on the swelling properties of polymeric materials was studied, in various swelling liquids, such as distilled water and 0.1 N hydrochloric acid solution. Capsules, tablets and films of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, poly(ethylene oxide) and sodium alginate were prepared, and their weight uptake after(More)
The purpose of this research was to develop and evaluate different sustained release preparations, using swellable polymers as carriers in the form of matrices and three-layer tablets. These preparations may offer a number of therapeutic advantages over immediate release dosage forms in drug delivery. The materials used for the fabrication of these systems(More)
Publications produced over the past 20 years regarding the concentration of xenobiotics in human and dietary milk were evaluated, focusing primarily on persistent organic pollutants (e.g. polychlorinated biphenyls, flame retardants), pesticides (e.g organochlorine) and mycotoxins. In general, countries of low industrialization rate present low levels of(More)