Marilda Machado Spindola

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Based on neurology and cognitive science many studies are developed to understand the human model mental, getting to know how human cognition works, especially about learning processes that involve complex contents and spatial-logical reasoning. Event Related Potential - ERP - is a basic and non-invasive method of electrophysiological investigation. It can(More)
Knowledge is currently scarce about what happens in the brain when a decision is made to make a donation. This intriguing donation behavior is often assumed to relate to social relationships. The present study used simulated situations in which participants had to decide how to manage money when possibilities for donation were available.(More)
This work presents the development of a motorized wheelchair controlled by cervical movements, where two accelerometers are used as sensors in the definition of movement commands of the wheelchair. One accelerometer is positioned in a helmet on the user’s head and the second is positioned on chair base. The use of two sensors has the objective of collecting(More)
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