Marila Cordeiro-Stone

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Topoisomerase IIα (topoIIα) is an essential mammalian enzyme that topologically modifies DNA and is required for chromosome segregation during mitosis. Previous research suggests that inhibition of topoII decatenatory activity triggers a G 2 checkpoint response, which delays mitotic entry due to insufficient decatenation of daughter chromatids. Here we(More)
BACKGROUND The GINS complex is thought to be essential for the processes of initiation and elongation of DNA replication. This complex contains four subunits, one of which (Psf1) is proposed to bind to both chromatin and DNA replication-associated proteins. To date there have been no microscopic analyses to evaluate the chromatin distribution of this(More)
Cellular capacity for postreplication repair (PRR) and sensitivity to transformation to anchorage independence (AI) were quantified in normal foreskin and \eroderma pigmentosum (\P) variant fibroblasts after treatment with UV or benzo(<i)pyrene-diol-epoxide I (BPDE-I). PRR is defined here as a collection of pathways that facilitate the replication of DNA(More)
We investigated the hypothesis that the strength of the activation of the intra-S DNA damage checkpoint varies within the S phase. Synchronized diploid human fibroblasts were exposed to either 0 or 2.5 J m(-2) UVC in early, mid- and late-S phase. The endpoints measured were the following: (1) radio-resistant DNA synthesis (RDS), (2) induction of Chk1(More)
(2001). " Lactoferrin: a tamoxifen-responsive protein in normal and malignant human endometrial cells in culture. " Exp Mol Pathol 70(2): 71-6. (2001). " Maternal choline availability alters the localization of p15Ink4B and p27Kip1 cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors in the developing fetal rat brain hippocampus. " Dev Neurosci 23(2): 100-6. (2001). "(More)
Sunlight emits a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that includes ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths. It is widely accepted that the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) component is responsible for the mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of sunlight. UVR is further subdivided into three wavelength ranges: UVC (100-280 nm), UVB (280-315 nm) and UVA(More)
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