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A fine-structural study of sperm-egg interactions in the polychaete Neanthes japonica was carried out. Unfertilized eggs are surrounded by a chorion 0.6-0.7 micrometers thick. Oocyte microvilli are inserted into the inner layer of the chorion. The outer layers of the chorion are opened just above the tips of the microvilli, where a membrane vesicle(More)
In birds and mammals, cardiac neural crest is essential for heart development and contributes to conotruncal cushion formation and outflow tract septation. The zebrafish prototypical heart lacks outflow tract septation, raising the question of whether cardiac neural crest exists in zebrafish. Here, results from three distinct lineage-labeling approaches(More)
The primary heart field in all vertebrates is thought to be derived exclusively from lateral plate mesoderm (LPM), which gives rise to a cardiac tube shortly after gastrulation. The heart tube then begins looping and additional cells are added from other embryonic regions, including the secondary heart field, cardiac neural crest and the proepicardial(More)